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Fiberbow 6.3

Is the result of the search for innovative and improved solutions to what has been used in our Sport so far to achieve a lighter and more powerful tool for all archers.
Designed with the use of the best 3D modeling software and finite element analysis, it is realized with the use of multiple layers of carbon fiber pre-impregnated and modeled with the aid of molds in autoclave form.
The result of the application of the maximum of modern technology is the lightest and torque-resistant riser today on the world market.
The FiberBow riser is the only ACTIVE because, when the string is released, all the cumulated power is immediately transformed into arrow speed.
The structure made up of a carbon fiber fabric disperses high-frequency vibrations.
The low weight of the riser, which corresponds roughly to that of the two blades, allows better and quick adjusting of the tiller and the synchronism of the bending action with the simple sensitivity of the Arm's hand.