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stabilizzazione 1

The development of the "S3" project arises from the need to create a bow stabilization rod with 3 main features:

1. Stiffness (obtained with two opposing triangular sections)

2. Lightness

3.Vibration dissipation (obtained with conical section)

In this way, the idea is that perfect stabilization must be "something" that combines the riser with the extremely rigid but lightweight external (weight) inertial mass.

The continuous variation of the sections minimizes the possibility of resonance.

The material used for the production is cross carbon fiber with a suitable thickness that is larger in the terminal part so that where smaller is the diameter, greter is the rigidity.

The center rod is produced in three lengths: 28 "30" 32 "

The side rods are produced in two standard lengths: 10 "12" and on request up to 16 "

Standard Threads: 5/16 "riser side 1/4" damper side, on request 5/16 "damper side.

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